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Reading & Swing Arm Wall Lights

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537 Results
  • Enna Square Switched LED Wall Sconce
    $25800 - $28300
  • Lupe Wall Sconce
    Outer Shade Finish
  • Edge Reader Mini LED Wall Sconce
    $33700 - $40000
  • Blink Swing Arm Wall Sconce
    $22066 $259.60
    15% Savings Today
  • Stretch Swingarm Wall Sconce
  • Fuse 3 LED Wall Sconce
    $32300 - $35900
  • P4328 Swing Arm Wall Sconce
  • Tip LED Wall Sconce
  • Enna LED Wall Sconce
  • FlexiLED Leather Wall Sconce
    2 Size Options
    $63000 - $68000
  • Morland Adjustable Wall Sconce
    $19040 $238.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Ascoli Single Square Wall Sconce
    $9100 - $11700
  • Flip Swingarm Wall Sconce
  • AJ Wall Sconce
    $98200 - $1,04600
  • Ascoli Single Round Switched Wall Sconce
    $9800 - $12500
  • Leo LED Wall Sconce
    $24200 - $37900
  • Ascoli Swing Arm Wall Sconce
    $19300 - $21000
  • Evans Swing Arm Wall Sconce
  • Enna Surface Round LED Wall Sconce
    $23700 - $25600
  • Arti Wall Sconce
    2 Size Options
    $15900 - $24900
  • Micro Recess Switched LED Wall Sconce
  • Clemente Wall Sconce
  • Two Arm Wall Sconce
  • Studio Swing Arm Wall Light

Why We Love Wall Reading Lights

Wall reading lights have a special combination of the beauty of an elegant light fixture with the functionality of concentrated task lighting. These reading lights are easy to adjust, stunning to look at, and provide more than enough light to enjoy a good book. Pair them with and for an eclectic academia style throughout your own, or keep them confined to your favorite reading nook. Modern wall mounted reading lights are available in many different styles ranging from minimalist and ultra-modern to classic and vintage. Some offer the customization of adjustable arms while others showcase the contemporary energy-saving power of LEDs. But whatever features they offer, there’s no denying that these lights are just as chic as they are practical.

Where Reading & Swing Arm Wall Lights Work Best

Because these lights were designed for a specific purpose, they are often relegated to very similar areas in the home. Reading lights are most often installed as and reading nook lighting. This is because those are the two most common places to sit down and read a book. But, they aren’t the only places you’ll benefit from these lights. Swing Arm wall lamps are also perfect for home offices and living rooms, where they can act as supplementary task lighting when needed, and pushed back up against the wall when not in use. In addition to this, reading sconces also work well in home libraries and children’s playrooms. They give any room a unique, slightly vintage, look and will be appreciated anywhere they’re installed.

Reading & Swing Arm Wall Lamps FAQs

Q: Are LED Lights Good for Reading?

A: As with most things, LEDs lights are well-suited for reading sconces. They have a directional shine, so they don’t need a bulky shade to direct the light, and they have a long lifespan, which means you won’t have to worry about changing the bulb often.

Q: How Many Lumens do I Need for a Reading Lamp?

A: Lumens are a measure of brightness. And although you want a reading light to be bright enough to clearly see any printed text, they don’t need to be so bright that they overpower the room. We recommend somewhere between 400 and 600 lumens for a wall reading light.

Q: What Color is Best for Reading?

A: The best color temperature for a reading is the one that provides the greatest contrast. And for this, you need to get as close to daylight as possible. We suggest getting a light of at least 5000K if you intended to use it for reading or writing.

How to Choose the Best Swing Arm Wall Lamps

Even though there are hundreds of options, deciding which swing arm wall light is right for your home shouldn’t be complicated. Determining what type of reading light will serve you the best is largely based on where you intend to use it. Certain lights are portable, allowing them to be moved from room to room with ease, while other options are hardwired into the wall. Generally, you’ll have two options to choose from: plug-in wall reading lights and hardwired wall reading lights. Plug-in models are just what they sound like and allow you to set up your new reading light quickly and easily, but do have exposed wires. If you’re interested in this type of lighting, we suggest taking a look at plugin wall sconces for the rest of your home as well. Hardwired wall lights, on the other hand, connect to existing wiring inside the wall, but require the assistance of an installation professional.

Other Considerations

Reading lamps are perfect for the task that they’ve been designed for, reading lighting, but they also work well in other areas. You can use them on a vanity because their bright shine and color temperature is perfect for applying makeup. Or, use them above a workbench in your garage. These lights have a lot of potential, so don’t feel as though you need to use them in a traditional capacity.

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