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Modern Home Accessories

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322 Results
  • Echasse Vase
    3 Size Options
  • Aalto Vase
    3 Size Options
    $12000 - $24500
  • Trinity Basket
    4 Product Options
    $16000 - $32000
  • Aalto Finlandia Vase
  • Nappula Planter
    3 Size Options
    $9000 - $13000
  • Kastehelmi Tealight Candleholder
    $2000 - $3000
  • LITO Candle Lantern
    4 Size Options
    $4299 - $13599
  • MOON Decorative Tray
    3 Size Options
    $6499 - $15699
  • Ultima Thule Tealight Candleholder
    Glass Color
  • La Stanza Dello Scirocco Fruit Basket
    $9500 - $19500
  • Olio Bluetooth LED Indoor/Outdoor Lamp
    Free Gift with Code Only at Lumens
  • Bronze Mirror Tray
    $11900 - $17900
  • Bark Tree
    $18000 - $24000
  • Tree Wooden Tray
    $11900 - $17900
  • PlateBowlCup Serving Bowl
  • My New Flame Rechargeable LED Candle
  • Spin Table Candelabra
    2 Size Options
    $60000 - $90000
  • Kastehelmi Bowl
  • COLUNA Vase
    3 Size Options
    $3399 - $5299
  • Aalto Vase - Dark Grey
  • NERO Tabletop Candle Holder
    7 Product Options
    $2799 - $8399
  • Bristol Table Easel
    $46000 $575.00
    Up to 25% Savings Today
  • Ecrin Lidded Vessel
    2 Size Options
    $7900 - $15400
  • FARO Set of 3 Concrete Tealight Holders

Why We Love Modern Home Decor Accessories

Without modern home decor accessories, homes would be bland landscapes. Decorative accessories give spaces that accent, that personality that sets each room apart and speaks to your individual style. They're not only attractive and cool, but they often play important functional roles as well. And of course, these modern home decor accessories offer the final touch when it comes to decorating a new place, and let's face it - decorating is the best part. Round out the look of your home with well-chosen accents from this assortment.

Where Decorative Accessories Work Best

Home accessories vary in shape and form, but they can go a long way in enhancing the character of your rooms. Decorative candles add romantic ambiance to the living room, bathroom and dining room, and many electric candles are rechargeable and wet rated - making them great for outdoor parties atop a patio dining table. A contemporary vase can bring unique shapes, colors and dimensions to the living room, bedroom and kitchen too. But don't be boxed in by the norm - get creative and add a personalized touch to any room you wish. Consider cool centerpieces for coffee and side tables, and a selection of figurines bring much-needed life to your space. The house should reflect you, and there's no better way to make that happen than to add your unique stamp to every space you inhabit.

Unique Home Accents for Every Style

This assortment of decorative items can fit a wide variety of interior design styles. Whether your home is boasting with traditional decor and light fixtures or ultra-modern furniture and the latest in LED lighting, these home decor accessories are guaranteed to complement the space and act as conversation pieces. Here you will find decorative pieces with rich Scandinavian history, retro tabletop items that are reminiscent of 1950s decor, stunning statement-making geometric designs and more. For lovers of sharp stainless steel features, look to the collection of accessories from Blomus. Or bring a playful aesthetic into your decorating with items from the Italian Design Factory, Alessi. Finally, be sure to check out the iconic pieces from Vitra, featured timeless designs from the likes of Ray and Charles Eames.

Choosing the Best Decorative Accessories

It's all about you! Home accessories are meant to represent your personality and preferred aesthetics. When choosing new accessories for your home, look for things that will complement your existing decor. If you're in need of functional elements like candles and vases, choose pieces from renown designers, giving you the history and quality you need. You may also find these accents belonging to larger product collections. Browse their product families to refresh your home with one consistent look and feel. If you have any questions about the decorative accessories featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Accessories are just one piece to a well-dressed interior design scheme. Complement any of these stylish accents with modern furniture pieces. From tables for the kitchen and dining room to a comfy sofa for the living room, you'll find it all in the furniture category. Hang wall art throughout your home to give a bit of personality to otherwise bare walls. And accent your floors with eye-catching contemporary rugs and floor coverings. Lastly, find many of these same decorative options for your porch or patio with the collection of outdoor accessories.

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